Introducing Mehrayin Cultural & Educational Institute

About us

Mehrayin cultural and educational complex “ , which includes pre-school, school, elementary and secondary school established in 2005, with a boys high school in district 1 Shemiran in collaboration with a number of school professors affiliated to the national educational institute for the education of talents (SAMPAD).

Regarding the goals that were previously planned by the founders, we ranked as a new superior pole in a very short time and received a lot of prizes and honors in our region, as now more than 1000 boys and girls are studing in six subsidiaries of this complex.

Considering the high objectives of this training center which is the education and training of students who are prone to excellence, and importance of basic sciences (mathematics and experimental science ) in high school and universities, the educational system of this center is in line with the students academic level and has led to the acquisition of numerous academic honors, including: receiving colored medals in different Olympiads, mathematics, computer, physic, literature and top ranking and acceptance at major universities in Iran like: SHARIF, TEHRAN, AMIRKABIR, SHAHID BEHESHTI, KHAJENASIR, and … .

In addition gaining numerous cultural and artistic honors in sports, graphic design, painting, calligraphy, poetical contest, as well as the competition of swimming, chess, football, basketball, badminton is also another activities of this complex .

Identify the different interests and talents of students in various field such as art, music, acting,  poetry, and … have been on the agenda of us by setting up different scientific workshops from the years  ahead:

1 ) “ Robotics “ for electronics and mechanics enthusiast.

2 ) “ Anatomy “ for experimental enthusiasts.

3 ) “ Macaroni structure “ for students interested in architecture and civilization.

4) “ computer software “ for students interested in software production .

5 ) “ Astronomy “ for astrological enthusiasts.

6) “ Aerospace “ for space enthusiasts.

7) “ Creativity “ with the approach to developing creativity and innovation, and cultivating the spirit of exploring in students, which regards to the importance of this subject taking part into this course is compulsory for all students.

In addition to these various educational centers, the “ Minerva Academy “ established last year to bring high school students especially who are about to graduate, in a quiet and diverse environment in one of the best areas of Shemiran with it’s super-welfare facilities and educational advisers alongside the professional staff to looking for their ideal academic goals. 


1) According to the plans, it is decided that next year all the units of the complex will be equipped with intelligent systems that provide electronic content alongside the paper content, the working relationship between the teacher and the students will be different and it will enhance monitoring, control and efficiency .

2) On the other hand, due to the importance of student’s familarity with the concepts of basic sciences ( mathematics and experimental sciences ), the content of the courses will be provided both Persian and in English, so that they will be more prepared to attend international Olympiads and getting contacts with different educational centers in the world .

Mehrayin complex “ is the honor of accompanying students from the beginning to the end of the school year .

CEO, of Mehrayin complex

S . M . Alhashemi